Spectrum Charges


The CCA Office Jharkhand, Ranchi collects Spectrum Fees from three Licensed Telecom operators in Bihar circle (consisting of Jharkhand and Bihar) on behalf of the Government of India. It is responsible for Collection and proper accounting of receipts on account of the Spectrum charges from GSM and CDMA operators of Bihar circle. The CCA Office reports collections of Fees to DOT Headquarters on a regular basis in the prescribed formats accompanied by required documents as prescribed by the Wireless Finance Division of DOT Headquarters. Spectrum Charges are collected in ADVANCE on a Quarterly basis based on the Estimated AGR of the present Quarter.

1. Schedule of payment of Spectrum/WPC charges 

i. Spectrum Charges in respect of all GSM and CDMA Operators in Jharkhand are to be collected by CCA Offices Quarterly in advance. They are due on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October.

ii. The Licensees have been allowed a further period of fifteen days from the commencement of the Quarter for payment of Spectrum Charges. Thus the last date for payment of spectrum charges is the 15th of the month from the commencement of the Quarter as illustrated in the table below:


30th June (Ist Quarter)

15th July

30th September (II nd Quarter)

15th October

31st December (IIIrd Quarter)

15th January

31st March (IV th Quarter, Provisional)

25th March

31st March (IV th Quarter)

15th April


iii. The difference (arrears) due on account of calculation on the basis of Actual AGR of the Previous Quarter is to be paid by the licensee to the CCA Office in the next Quarter along with the Spectrum Charges (on estimated basis) of the present Quarter  

iv. In case the Service Provider does not submit Estimated AGR for a Quarter, Actual AGR of previous Quarter is to be taken as the basis of arriving at Spectrum Charges payable for the current Quarter.  


2. Documents to be annexed while submitting Spectrum Charges 

  • Affidavit by a representative of the Licensee
  • AGR statement - duly authenticated by authorized signatory
  • Board resolution in respect of  authorized  signatory
  • Copy of General power of attorney
  • Challan for Payment of Spectrum Fee in duplicate


3.  Mode of payment 

      Payment of Spectrum charges should be made only through digital payment online mode by using NTRP portal (bharatkosh.gov.in) as per DOT guidelines dated 29.05.2017,03.10.2017 & 30.11.2017 copy attached. Attachment

Communication Accounts Officer (Cash), O/o Controller of Communication Accounts, Jharkhand Circle, Ranchi


Short/delayed payment will attract penal interest as per terms of license agreement.


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