Extract of Relevent Pension Rules


1.             Preparation of six monthly list on the 1st January & 1st July each year of all Government servants due to retire within next 24 to 30 month of that date.

            A copy of every such list shall be supplied to AO(TA) of the SSA and to the Communication Accounts office of the Circle not later than 31st January or 31st July as the case may be of the year.

            [Authority Rule 56 of CCS (Pension) Rules Swamy’s Compilation]  

2.          The Head of the Office shall write to the Directorate of Estates at least two years before the anticipated date of retirement of the Govt. Servant who is in occupation of a Govt. quarters for the  issue of a “No demand Certificate”  in respect of the period preceeding eight months of the retirement of the allottee.

[Rule 56 of CCS(Pension) Rules]

3.             Verification of qualifying service after 25 years’ service or 5 years before retirement is to be ensured by Head of the office in Consultation with the Accounts Officer.

            If the Head of the Office does not comply with the requirements of the Rule 32 ibid or in case any mistake in the calculation of qualifying service is detected later, the Head the Office will be held personally accountable.

[Rule 32 read with GID  no. 1 of CCS(Pension) Rules]


            Annual verification of Service to be conducted annually covering the period from April to March i.e. Financial year after ensuring correctness of the entries.

[SR-202 G10 (1)]


v      The Head of the Office shall undertake the work of preparation of pension in Form 7 (form for assessing Pension/Family Pension and gratuity) two years before the date of retirement to ensure following:-

(1)                Verification of Service and endorsement of certificate there of.

(2)                Making good ommissions ,if any  in the Service Book.

[Rule 59 (1) (a) & (b) of CCS Pension Rules]

(3)                A proper assessment of outstanding Govt. dues.

[GID (2) below Rule 64]


v      The Head of the Office shall furnish to the retiring government servant not later than ten months prior to the date of his/her retirement, a certificate regarding the length of qualifying service proposed to be admitted for purpose of pension and gratuity as also the emoluments and average emoluments proposed to be reckoned with the retirement gratuity and pension for acceptance of retiring official.

[Rule 59 (1) c  i bid]


v     The retiring official shall be supplied Form-5 for furnishing statutory bio-data, specimen signature, photographs etc. advising him to submit the same duly completed in all respects so as to reach the Head of the office not later than eight months prior to his date of retirement.

[Rule 59 (1) c (III) i bid]


v      The Head of Office shall ensure completion of Part I of Form 7 not later than six months before

the date of retirement.

[Rule 60 i bid]


v     The Head of Office shall forward Form 5 & Form 7 referred above, to the Accounts Officer not

later than six months before the date of retirement of Government Service.

[Rule 60 (4) i bid]


v      If, after the pension papers have been forwarded to the Accounts Office within the period specified above, any event occurs which has a bearing on the amount of pension admissible, the fact shall be promptly reported to the Accounts Officer by the                                                                                                                                                                                                            Head of the Office.

[Rule 62 i bid]


v      In isolate cases only  Payment of provisional pension may be resorted to where in spite of following procedures laid down under Rule 59 it may not be possible for the Head of the Office to forward pension papers referred to in Rule 61 to the Accounts officer within prescribed  period or though forwarded in time  to Accounts Officer but could not be finalized by Accounts Officer due to some missing information.

[Rule 64 (1) i bid]


v      (b) Payment of provisional pension shall not continue beyond the period of six months from the date of retirement of the Government Servant. If final amount of pension and gratuity have not been determined  by the Head of the Office in consultation within  the Accounts  Officer within the period of six months, the Accounts Office shall treat the provisional pension and gratuity as final and issue Pension Payment Order immediately on the expiry of the period of  six months.

[Rule 64 (6) & (7) i bid]



(A) Schedule time for submission of application for Commutation of Pension:

1. Those who are retiring on superannuation and desire Payment of the Commuted value of pension being authorized of the time of issue of Pension Payment Order may apply in Form 1-A so as to reach the application to the Head of the Office preferably not later than three months before the date or superannuation. However if  it is submitted on or before the date of retirement of the government servant, the commutation of pension shall become absolute on the date following the date of retirement. In such cases, authority for payment of commuted value should be issued as soon as possible after issue of the Pension Payment Order.

 [Authority Rule 13 (3) read with GID (1) under the said rule of CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rule 1981]

2. If a government servant, who is in receipt of any pension referred to Rule 12, i bid, desires to commute a fraction of that pension any time after the date following the date of his retirement but before the expiry of one year from the date of retirement shall apply to the Head of the Office in Form 1 duly completed after the date of his retirement.

[Rule 13 (1) i bid]

(B) Action to be taken by Head of the Office on receipt of application:

 1.  On receipt of Form 1 A or Form 1, as the case may be, it should be ensured to initial the Form indicating    the date of receipt of application followed by immediate issue of acknowledgement to the applicant in Part II of the application form.

 2.  After immediate completion of Part III of Form 1 or 1 A as the case may be, the same should be forwarded to the Accounts Officer after retaining one copy for office record.

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