Mobile Infrastructure Project supported by USOF in rural and remote 
areas of State of Jharkhand.

Government of India, Department of Telecommunications has launched the scheme for creation of infrastructure for Mobile telephony in the rural and remote areas through out the country under Universal  Services Obligation Fund. As a part of the project, altogether 304 towers are to commissioned in the remote areas of State of Jharkhand.  
This is an exceptional scheme which is capable of transforming rural telephony and mainstreaming rural India and have a positive impact in the socio economic development of the nation.

In Jharkhand,  Controller of Communication Accounts Jharkhand Circle, Ranchi who is a field office of Department of Telecom has been assigned for its regular reporting on the progress of the scheme at State level. This office is  coordinating with different Government machinery as well as Infrastructure  Providers and Universal Service Providers. For the details of the sites CLICK HERE

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